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We are your full-service Intralogistics Partner

By combining our competencies and experience at all engineering levels we provide integrated, reliable, and innovative solutions from one hand, ensuring the success of your ideas and needs.

CAD - Mechanical Design

3D models of mechanical components and systems for efficient product development and innovation

EPLAN - Electrical Design

Advanced software solution that empowers our electrical engineers to design, document, and optimize electrical systems

PLC - Software Design

Empowering our engineers to craft robust and efficient control logic for industrial automation, ensuring seamless functionality and optimal performance

HMI/SCADA - Visualisation

Transforming complex industrial data into intuitive and insightful displays, providing real-time visibility and control

As a System Integrator, we act as your One-Stop-Shop for all your Intralogistics Projects, be it Greenfield or Retrofit

1. Project Advisory & Consulting
2. Project Planning & Design
3. Engineering & Assembly
4. Implementation & Activation
5. Maintenance & Support
6. Continuous Innovations

All Products Made by Logisoft.

Complete Conveyor Solutions

Turnkey solutions from A to Z including Planning & Design, Mechanic and Electrical Work, Industrial Software Development, Visualisation and Support & Maintenance.
100% Logisoft

Solutions for Commissioning & Sorting

Discover the future of logistics with our customized conveyor solutions. We bring excellence to commissioning and sorting, shaping a better path for your business with our high-speeds sorting solutions. Experience innovation tailored to your needs and elevate your operations!
LS Exclusive

Dimension, Weighing and Scannings (DWS) System

Take your logistics to the next level with our state-of-the-art dynamic DWS system. Our DIM station seamlessly captures parcel identification, weight, and dimensions in motion. Our integrated HMI Diagnostics modules provides real-time data on e.g. status and location of the parcel. Discover how our technology can reshape your logistics, enhancing efficiency and ensuring success.​
LS Exclusive

Our Dynamic DWS Systems in motion

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Elevate your game with Logisoft and experience the future of intralogistics automation!