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We are Logisoft !

We are Logisoft! Your trusted partner in intralogistics automation for cutting-edge solutions for the retail, e-commerce and package delivery industries – across all of Europe. With decades of expertise, we specialize in tailored multi-level conveyor solutions, innovative high-speed sorting systems and advanced warehouse automation.

Our Strengths

Discover our turnkey solutions, seamlessly integrating project planning, design, engineering, implementation, and ongoing maintenance & support. All conveniently offered under one roof for your business's success.

Project Planning & Design

We help you design and plan the whole project, incl. visualisation & 3D modelling. It's a team effort.

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Our Industrial Automation Software is at the core of everything we do. Mechanics and Electonics are the other two.

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We take care of smooth and flawless implementations of our automation models, incl. knowledge transfer.

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maintenance & support

We develop our turnkey solution in a way that all our clients can support it themselves, if not we are here.

Our Focus

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of factory and warehouse automation, our main focus now lies in the intralogistic automation for E-commerce and courier businesses - the more automated, the higher the efficiency, the better faster the delivery, the better the customer experience.

Retail & E-Commerce

Real-time Demands, Warehousing Optimization, Accuracy and Reliability are only a few challenges, the E-commerce industry is facing.

Package Delivery & Courier Businesses

E-commerce growth, Sorting Efforts, Efficiency Increase are crucial factors for the whole Parcel delivery industry. And the trend is only further growing.

In Europe at home

Throughout our incredible journey over the past 26 years, we’ve contributed our expertise to over 150 projects in more than 21 countries. It’s been an amazing adventure, and we’re excited to share our knowledge and bring positive outcomes to your endeavours too!

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“Logisoft...strong partner!”
Fritz Gebhardt,
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"Logisoft is very fast and reliable."
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“With Logisoft, we are always No 1 !"
Michael Herich,
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Elevate your game with Logisoft and experience the future of intralogistics automation!